Return policy

MB FAUGUSTA offers a 10-day money-back guarantee on all spare parts purchased from the date of delivery.

Undamaged spare parts can be returned or exchanged for other goods upon presentation of the purchase invoice. If you received the wrong product, damaged, defective or with damaged packaging, please take a photo and send it to or contact us by phone +370 672 73333.

We reserve the right not to issue a refund if, as a result of the buyer’s actions, the condition of the returned purchase has changed (for example: the product is damaged, disassembled, returned incomplete or the returned part is different from the purchased product).

Each return is handled on an individual basis and we strive for customer satisfaction.

Conditions you must comply with when returning:

  1. The product must be in a neat package so that it is not damaged during transportation;
  2. The product must be in the same configuration and condition (undamaged and undamaged) as it was received;
  3. The start of the money back guarantee is the date of receipt of the product. Money is returned after 3-5 days. from the receipt of the goods;
  4. You can return the goods within 10 calendar days by submitting an application by e-mail;
  5. Returned items must be delivered to the courier within 5 days of submitting the return form. If the goods are delayed, the warranty no longer applies;
  6. The FAUGUSTA return guarantee does not cover costs that exceed the amount of the order and delivery.


When returning the goods, the buyer pays for their delivery to the warehouse. The buyer can contact FAUGUSTA for a courier call service.

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